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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

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Аноны. Очень прошу вас помогите на еду. Не осталось ничего. Я нищий. Мне требуется ваша поддержка и помощь.
Всё что было закончилось. Ничего не осталось.
Пожалуйста окажите мне вашу помощь. Я буду очень вам признателен.

Номер карты:
5536---9139---7655---2295 Тинькофф

Любая помощь важна для меня.

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Orcs from the west were defeated.

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Mi presidente Alejandro Lukachet.

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I really like this russian black metal band. Is this popular in russia. Not like hit pop-song type of popular, but popular in those fascist russian gangs? Do people seem to know this band in Russia?

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Average Russian look like THIS?!?!?!

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В социальных сетях ЦАР распространяется жуткое видео массовой казни мирных жителей наемниками ЧВК Вагнера. Местные жители в шоке, а власти уже начали расследование.
(Автор этого поста был предупрежден.)

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I'm going to move to Moscow at the end of the Summer. I'm really bored with my life, so fuck it. I have relatives there and I'm 27 so maybe they wont send me to wash toilets in the army. If I don't like it I'll just move back after a year or some shit.

So I'm here for suggestions. What would you guys do in my place and what are some little things you would suggest I keep in mind? The hardest part I would imagine will be finding work. My only real skill is my English. But I have enough savings to make it over the hump for a little while.

на русском гонять тоже умею но есть акцент - не идеальен.

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Show us what you look like.

pic related me

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>iz dupy vihodit gumno... ale v yakim stane?

/b/-grade slavothread starts here

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бля сделайте кто-нибудь субтитры для буржуев,я уже третий день ору с этого шедевра

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Знаете, наверное самое странное что может быть в жизни, это родится в Балтийских странах в русской семье. По итогу, ты будешь чужим местным людям, и так же будешь чужим русским, несмотря на то, что общий культурный бекграунд у вас может быть общий. Может есть аноны, которые понимают что я имею ввиду? Как вы справляетесь с этим?

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What do Russians think about the latest shooting?

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Hello, I'm an Indian-Canadian and want to be a police officer. I am also learning Russian and want to move to Russia for a few years. Is it realistic or possible for a Canadian to become a Russian police officer for a while, or simply too unlikely without intentions to permanently move there?

Similarly, is it possible for a Canadian to become a Russian prison security guard (correctional officer) for a few years? What is its job satisfaction rate in Russia and how hard is it to get the job? I'm asking here because, as you might expect, there aren't many resources available in English on this.

On why I'd want to be a prison guard in Russia? It's a lot cooler than teaching English.

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Do Russians read Solzhenitsyn? What is the opinion of him?

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What are some good Russian YT channels?
I like pop science like VSauce or 3blue1brown or Numberphile something like:
But preferably something with many visuals and not just talking.
It would be great if there were some channels with subtitles too, although I don't expect it

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Do the German intelligence services surveil this board?


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Do you have a family relative that served in WW2?