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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

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Its not just in USA. Kikes want to mix you out to!

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I'm building a cuck shed
The bull will be visiting soon

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Anonymous, why have you still not become an Orthodox Christian?

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why do russians hate poland?

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someone used my computer even through I had locked it There was a youtbe video of NBL even through I would have never clicked it My filthy nigger brother might had done it but it is unlikely as my computer was absolutely locked at that time with a password unaccessible to him.

is this the proof that the matrix demiurge is playing with me? pls answer

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World in terms of intellect

main ideas. how to change the world

It is necessary to create the main Internet resource where everyone can publish, view and evaluate the importance of unfair events, actions and decisions, to protect against system errors, unfair rules and laws and unfair actions and decisions of any government, organizations and people. The authorities will be obliged to resolve / analyze the most important issues. Everyone will be able to publish, view undeniable evidence, propose solutions, offer other useful functions for the Internet resource.

Create the main Internet resource for help and support for those who need it. Everyone will be able to publish, view, and rate the importance of requests for help. The main thing is to create an organization that will be engaged in checking requests / appeals, storing, distributing / sending funds and resources. Everyone will be able to publish, review and evaluate the importance of requests for help, will be able to send to the organization involved in the distribution of funds and resources any amount of funds and resources, and the organization will independently distribute the funds and resources according to the importance. Everyone can choose a specific person, a specific request, and each request / appeal has a status of verified or unverified.

Just realize that most people simply can’t prove almost nothing of the most important thing that they know about this world, history, their body, food and nutrition, and the information is disseminated without conclusive evidence and ways to verify evidence, including for this for every sphere of life which is important for the formation of a correct understanding of reality, it is necessary to create Internet resources where all the most important information will be published, along with undeniable evidence and ways of verifying evidence. So gradually you check and find out the true story about this world, those who live in it, their food, nutrition and everything else.

source texts - eternal

instruction for those who want and / or will create and change the world

please help change the world read the project / book "World in terms of intellect"

Hello Finns! How do you feel about other Finno-Ugric peoples, including those living in Russia?

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How to pull metal from the body?
All available physics formulas are foreign (Theoretical or practical not practical). Everything that was produced in the 60s has a theoretical basis.
Ultrasound, it's just the noise of a motor
How can I do that?. Calculator with Os all perimeter chtoli.
Scanner and adding the electrification level of the distance of electrification of hair and balloon to a calculator with a locator with information on the condensation of oxygen from the sky
Imported joules and integrals go to hell
Nar frequency
Calculator and device current wave levels
Electrification through rubber current electrification like a balloon
Or rub rubber (rubbing) hair and the level of electrification by combining current with nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.
Electrification level from hair to balloon flight distance
Current touch to condensation, oxygen and hydrogen
And how to measure magnetism and its levels of foreign abbreviation?
Scanner and add the electrification level of the distance electrifying hair and balloon to a calculator with a locator with information about the condensation of oxygen from the sky.
Hardware control of Sim and vlan
path to hex in byte and digit text
To intercept a running program
dump hex motherboard

Another question..
On YouTube, resurrect the stars?
Tightening skin regeneration and revitalization
Current revival
Nitrogen Methane, Hydrocarbon or vapor to the body as an option
Shamanism meditation appeal to god
Raise body temperature at least to 8 degrees with Activated Carbon, increase Brain Activity with drug pressure, or?
Simulation of the heating (current) of a hydrocarbon, nitrogen and body components to maintain the body's life (hardware retention)
In theory, brain and body cells heal so that there will be more gummies
Problems of the functioning of the body of biological effects ordinary deterioration deterioration from bacterial moisture.

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Admit it, Ireland was kinda based at one point.

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Guo teaches us to live. ” Go symbolizes the importance of balance, the "golden mean." To reliably occupy territories, you need to place stones close to each other, but to capture most of the board, you need to play wider. In order to keep up with your opponent, you need to play aggressively, but an overly aggressive game leaves weaknesses in your own position that your opponent can use. Stones that are too close to the edge of the board give too little territory, and too far - leave the opponent a chance to invade. Often growth is hindered not by lack of skill, but by a flaw in character: distraction, forgetfulness, indecision, greed. To improve in go, the player has only one thing - to improve himself.

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Разрешено ли тут хентай скидывать ?

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Согласно датам росстата по состоянию на 2019 год в россии на 1000 мужчин приходится 1154 женщины.

Моё расследование:

П.1 аналитика социальных сетей
137 972 369 столько людей зарегистрировано в ВК и указали страну Россия.
Из низ 69 301 217 мужчин
и 66 540 045 женщин...
включим немного мозг и поделим число женщин пополам (потому что там половина это наши фейки)...

П.2 тоже самое мужчин из рф на сайте (сейчас):
3 501 743
женщин из рф на сайте (сейчас+ несколько сек):
3 827 482

П.3 мужчин от 18 до 30 лет (всего):
27 316 550

девушек от 18 до 30 лет всего:
25 013 990 (цифра завышена из за наших фейков)

мужчин от 18 до 30 лет (сейчас онлайн):
1 677 576

девушек от 18 до 30 лет (сейчас онлайн):
1 740 810 (из которых 25% наши фейки)

Суть данной темы проста: Уважаемые мужчины Вам нужно отложить у себя в голове информацию о том, что в России вам может не хватить девушки.
Учитывайте что существуют неудачницы/бедные/рспшки/толстушки со свинячим ебалом...

Не нужно удивляться что у Вас нету девушки - дело не в том, что вы не красивые , а дело в том, что на данный момент количество мужчин намного превышает количество девушек.


Для молодых умов РФ

Настоящим разрешаю (в целях сохранения будующего нашей страны):
П1. Молодым парням от 18 до 30 лет встречаться с девушками от 14 до 36 лет.
П.2 Юношам от 1до17 лет - не встречаться ни с кем, а по достижению 18 лет разрешается П.1
П.3 Мужчинам от 31 до 40 лет в случае если не было найдено второй половинки разрешается выбирать для себя девушек от 30 до 40 лет.
П.4 Мужчинам от 41 года стоит внимательно было читать п.1-п.3

Л-т A.M.

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A third businessman named Rotenberg, part-owner of the Platon system, which charges trucks with a mass of more than 12 tons for driving on federal roads, has become the official dollar billionaire. The first billionaire Rotenberg is his father, and the second is his uncle.
Forbes estimated the status of co-owner of the Plato system Igor Rotenberg at $ 1 billion.

Igor Rotenberg, the eldest son of Arkady Rotenberg, first worked at the Ministry of Property and Russian Railways, and only then came to the family business. True, in 2006, when Igor Rotenberg became chairman of the board of directors of the managing company NPV Engineering, the family business was not as large as it is now.

Only in 2008, the Rotenbergs bought 5 oil and gas construction companies from Gazprom for $ 400 million from Gazprom. Based on these 5 companies, the Stroygazmontazh holding was created, which became the largest contractor in the infrastructure construction market: in 2008, its revenue amounted to 6.9 billion rubles According to the results of 2016 - 276.4 billion rubles. Arkady Rotenberg said that he owns 51% of the holding, and the remaining shares belong to his brother (Boris Rotenberg) and his son. Igor Rotenberg was also a junior partner of his father in another infrastructure construction company - Mostotrest, which is engaged in the construction of roads and bridges.

In 2010-2011, the Rotenberg family business expanded: they became owners of the MEC Mosenergo companies (design and construction of energy facilities) and Gazprom Burenie (one of the largest drilling companies in Russia).

After the imposition of sanctions by the United States and the European Union, the Rotenbergs divided the assets. Igor Rotenberg became the full owner of Mostotrest, TEK Mosenergo, Gazprom Burenie and TPS Real Estate (the company now owns 6 large shopping centers in Sochi, Krasnodar, Kiev, Novosibirsk and Moscow). In an interview with Interfax, Arkady Rotenberg claimed that they had agreed with the son on the parameters of the transaction two years before the sanctions, and the transaction itself was a market using money and a loan.

In 2015, the Platon system was launched, which levies a fee on trucks weighing more than 12 tons for traveling on federal roads. The introduction of the system was accompanied by protests by truckers. 50% of the operator company Plato is owned by Igor Rotenberg.

Now he is a billionaire.

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russia is the last bastion of the white race and based traditionalism on earth.

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The history of Russian anonymous forums is rich in dramas, deaths, conflicts and holywars. So, at the moment, we can distinguish several major Russian imageboards.
1. 2ch.hk/b (Also Sosach, eaepy 2ch.so, earlier 2-ch.ru). It's largest russian and european imageboard. It is the Russian analogue of the 4chan. To seem like a person who understands the history of Russian boards, remember: 2ch.hk is not true 2ch/Dvach (2ch.ru). This site is only the image successor of Dvach. 2ch.hk is very strictly moderated, has a lot of unoffical rules for each board, which is completely different from that of Dvach. Cooperation with the federal goverment is widespread (to the extent that in September 2016 2ch.hk was sold to the mail company ru controlled by an oligarch - a friend of Putin). Our admin is good man. The ideologically loyal successor to Dvach is Nullchan (0chan).
2. 0chan.hk/b (early 0chan.ru, now 0chan.pl/b ). 0chan was the second most popular Russian imageboard. At the close, she had about 10 million posts in /b/. This imageboard was a strong competitor to 2ch.hk; as a result, after a large-scale DDOS attack hosted by the administrator of 2ch.hk, it was closed in 2014. It was reborn on April 1, 2017, but was again closed a year later. After closing, was created a clone - 0chan.pl/b/. It's similliar.
3 iichan.hk/b . It's oldest working imageboard. The second most popular (not including the Nullchan). It features extremely strict moderation and a strong focus on aniye. Originally created as a moderated alternative to Dvach in 2007 (Dvach was created in 2006), but by 2009 it had become a very special imageboard, unfriendly to newfags. They like tohou project very much. The archive is preserved http://2007.ii.yakuji.moe .
4. dobrochan.ru/b .Initially, the meme of iichan (iichan was called Dobrochan (Dobro - good in russian) (Dvach is an evil chan)), now it is an anime imageboard with a slightly more liberal administration than in iichan.
5. Many small imageboards.
We wrote magazines ( most popular is http://coyc.net/noobtype.php ), books, studentbooks on lucid dreams and a lot of interesting things. If this interests you, I’ll talk more about the history and culture of Russian imageboards.