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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board.

There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Please, abstain from using this board as your file hosting. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above.

Thank you for attention.

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For latin alphabet users (majority of european countries) cyrillic symbols probably converge to chinese hieroglyphs, so vote for the most disturbing letter among attached pics!
These 3 are especially dangerous for soft-skinned finnish jogurtti producers and french frogs' pussies, so look at cyrillic letters carefully, through your fingers - if you don't want them to visit you in your dreaming period from subconsciousness, bcoz after that your psyche will most likely become fucked up, our international cultural friends!

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What is 2ch's stance on Turqiue?

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Post views from your window.

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hey croat (more like crotte) why do you invite 4chan /int/ to come here

fuck them

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Are short people made fun of from where you come from?

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vittu saatana perkele войной

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I live in the poorest region of Kazakhstan, ask questions, never in my life had a credit card, never been to the subway, did not even see this with my own eyes. (I'm talking about the subway)

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I am trying to learn Russian by myself and want a Russian friend to maybe play video games with. I've been using duolingo and am very new to the language. I can help you learn English too.

What steam games do you play?

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Let's Browse the Deep Web together, bros.

What are some ebin deep web websites to check out for fun?

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How come nobody post this ?

I been buzy. Share your info.

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Does anyone have a guide for generic Russian slang or 2ch-specific terms/phrases/memespeak that I can learn? I know Bulgarian, so I can understand much of what's posted here, but a lot goes over my head.

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How do Ukrainians learn about the Russian language? They teach him at school as a foreigner ?

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Hey whats does 2chan /int/ think of 4channel /int/

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Heading to Suomi in first two weaks on April. What i should visit? Any suggestions?

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ITT try and explain why kashmir is so messed

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What did say this Fucking Finnish Pidaras?

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music [88] >>
Hi I would like good Russian music


No linkin park or squat-tier bullshit. Muscovite hipster ok etc.