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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Due to ban on suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. Thank you for attention.

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Would I get a cute fertile kavkaz gf if I settle in Russia ?

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>Always Lying
>Treacherous like Jew
>Literally unable to tell the truth
>Time wasting
>Always a drain

Women are pure EVIL.
What has man done to deserve this eternal punishment from God?

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It is a country with an overwhelmingly white, highly educated population. Yet, its GDP per capita (PPP) is basically Third World-like: less than 30% higher than the values for the Republic of the Congo and Vietnam, just 20% higher than India's, and virtually on par with the Philippines.

All of its neighbors (except tiny Moldova) are more than twice as rich as Ukraine - even Belarus, which is essentially a commie country. In fact, Ukraine is behind some sub-Saharan African countries such as Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and Gabon.

We are not talking about a population with and IQ of 80 here. It is a nation that builds advanced aircraft and space rockets.

At independence, they were about as rich as Poland was; today, Poland is more than three times wealthier in per capita terms. As a result, the number of Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland is similar to the number of Polish immigrants in the UK.

What happened to them?

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Instead of reviewing my old notes from my 2 years of russian in university, which was over a decade ago, I've decided to re-learn russian by browsing here and google translating and writing in a notebook.
It won't help grammar/cases as much but I decided that's just too boring to look at.

also the imageboard software here is really nice.
спасибо ВИ Арнольду

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what time will space_ be online?