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Welcome to Russian /Int/ernational board. There are no limits, you can post anything that does not breach the Russian law. Please, post in English, so we can understand each other well. Due to ban on Nazi propaganda and symbolics, suicide methods and child pornography in Russia, please refrain from posting materials containing any of the above. Thank you for attention.

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Why int is so fucking sucks today?

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Bitcoin [3] >>
Anybody else having fun with Cryposhekels?

Mining Monero on my rig here and all my porfolio investments are up by 600%

Going to mine some Komodo and ETH next

What are you investing in or planing to buy?

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Hey, 2ch, could you please translate this webm for me?

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How do we fix the Ukrainian demographic collapse?

>44 million before the War, economic downturn and resulting emigration to Russia and EU en masse as a result

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Richard Spencer - who is he? The last hope of White America or the pro-Putin litter, trying to split the fucking America on a racial basis?

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my sister is 2second.

why you dont work at magnit ?

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Russian trash subhumans.
Russians are not human beings, they're too retarded to be human beings. They're merely deformed apes who just happen to speak the ugliest language in human history.
Communist fucking animals.
Why don't you all just kill yourselves?
Your future is working in Putin's cronies coal mines for 40 years for 50 ruble and 1 loaf of bread a month, enjoy living in your communist dictatorship shithole.
Fucking chernobyl survivor animals, Stalin slaves.
I truly think that if the entirety of Russia was nuked tomorrow there would not be a single nation where more than 1% of the population would mourn the "loss".
Hideous apes.
If nuclear weapons didn't exist there is no way a rogue nation like your dictatorship would be allowed to exist, since your entire country is full of Putin robots who get fed nothing else but Kremlin propaganda for breakfast, lunch and dinner, since your communist shithole has a food shortage.

Russians are literal animals.

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we big gays in here russia :--D
dont come here

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are there more pics of this slavic qt? What is her name?

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> 2018
> Do not take the cover

Are you in school, in a mental jungle or school?

> Death

Then? Is your life a long time?

> You are still connected!

He is not a typical, and if he can be seriously injured, he will not be with him.

> Pay!

Whoever has a feather for today, the devil is bitter

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>eu put sanction on russia
>russia put sanction on eu
>eu demand russia to buy their pigs

How is that possible ?

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Do you have fake cheese in you country ?

germany: yes

Netspider the greatest RÖMPÖTTI-KEISARI (EMPEROR of CUNT), genuine KING of RÖMPÖTTI and the orginal LORD, INVENTOR, DEVELOPER and GOD, of RÖMPÖTISM! Römpsööl!

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1 pic Ukraine
2 pic Russia

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.webm #2 [390] >>
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