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Hello eastern friends! What's your viewpoint on Hongkong independence and ongoing protests? Do you support freedom or stand with CPR?

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Burger here. Ask me anything

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my codoles, slavya-chan bulgarian

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Our society is divided and weak. No one fears or loves us. The dictatorship of free speech must prevail, for loyalty is the lot of the weak. Even Putin once said that the government should be criticized so that it does not stand still.

For granted are hereby, believe please to start on our own view of work off participants offf competitive, philosophical, news and camping on similar threads. No one shall hide from us. We will be the hand of justice, the dark aristocracy that will put its true black end to the nonsense and idiocy that is so deeply rooted in this forum.

We will turn this site over like no one has ever turned it over before. We will be the true police of these slums. We shall break the secret societies of both novices and elders - they are all just a bunch of shameful jackals after all.

Thus, the company of COSC(i) is declared open.

Our first task will be the General cleaning of the "lair", which means: ordering and systematizing of the individuals already existing here and their observation.

The division of positions shall be made to the forms: foolishtroll, ninjatroll, freaking mental, boring, homo.
Subspecies are compiled and formulated by the critics themselves.

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So hello. Lets say that i'm usual anonym.
In Mother of Russia i easily download any files from torrents. Let's say, i want to migrate to Germany or Canada or USA (Maybe it`s have a difference.) So i'm interested in ways a torrent-pirating in this countries.
In my mind come minds about Tor, a few layers of VPN.
So i hope you can help me in this problem. Thanks!

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Where is a my krautchan-brothers nau?

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>>Sasha Grey<<

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Is the KGB gonna come and and molest me if I call out jews for being the dirty conniving rats they are?

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A random passerby girl kissed me last night while i was resting from my nightwalk on a bench in the center of the city.

>She said, " Why you look so sad, you want kiss to make you feel better?" in a cutsey voice

>While i'm getting angry and making a frowny face, trying to figure out wheether she is actually adressing me or someone else

>Grabs me by the face while i'm sitting on the bench and zones in for a kiss

>Gives me a kiss or two

>Then during the third one she says "not on the lips"

>We kiss with lips again and i say "sorry sory" in monotone Croatian voice

>She walks away with her group

>Some manlet guy from her group sees her kissing me and approaches me and kisses me on the forehead

I think i was too afraid of looking her in the eyes, looking at people in the eyes when i'm tired and feel threatened feels like work.
I only saw her lower face and body, she was cute and had nice red lipstick on.

Her lips were soft.

I probably have herpes now

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Help I'm trying to find this song's name