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Help I'm trying to find this song's name

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I'm happily married with a young nurse, we met when she was 17, however ever since she did become a nurse she's been obsessed with the whole career shit and so we've only gotten around to have one child between us and as a result I went balls deep on her mother whenever possible who's only hitting 40 this year which in turn has granted me 4 children, all 4 are thankfully fine and aren't fucking downie babies but the mother is 'done' having 'em which is understandable, not that her 'sexual appetite' has gone down one bit though.
I'm a 'house husband' and so I just take care of the house and the children and when the children are napping I get to play vidya and watch animu, we live at her mother's house that's basically paid off by the late father's life insurance as he died during military service or however that works exactly.
My wife currently believes that her mother went through a 'phase' and went on a 'medical insemination spree' desperate to re-discover the 'happiness of a mother', however obviously as the children will grow up, they'll most certainly look like me in some way or another.
I can't wait to tell my current wife that I went balls deep on her mother and had 4 wonderful children with her while she was too fucking busy keeping paki niggers and junkies alive down at the hospital, I do love her, I really do, but I really REALLY fucking hate how she prioritize her "career" over having children with me.

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Do you like the indigenous people of Bolivia?

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Does anyone have the video of that killing and burning in Syria by those Russians? I can't seem to find it

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Hi integer. I came from Russia. Ask me anything.

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Putin will win elections in any country of the world because everyone loves him.