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how does it feel to live in a sovereign state?

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Will there, according to rumors, be a false flag attack in Seattle on November 3, 2019? Please vote @ https://twitter.com/khutulka/status/1185995160221618176

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Kohl is kill.
Where are all the Bernds?

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What if? [11] >>
EU is open to migrants in boats. What if i will take a boat and sail from Russia to Finland, Norway, etc?

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"bernds" aka autists need to be killed in sight, mentally ill people don't deserve a safe space on the interweb

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why is int nowadays so fucking sucks?

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To ruin a business you need to lead it. This is exactly the strategy followed by Estonians going to serve in the army.

In protest, the partisans refuse to speak Estonian with officers and other soldiers. When the Estonian anthem is played, they loudly sing the Russian anthem. Traitors who are loyal to the occupation authorities are terrorized.

The sergeant made a remark to a group of rebel soldiers who wanted to go to the gym instead of fulfilling the duties of cleaning the barracks. In response to the remark, the partisans beat the traitor.

Now the occupation administration wants to apply repression, but this is doomed to failure, because there are many rebels in the repressive apparatus.

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What's the fucking difference? Became one countrey already.

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life sucks anon cheer me up russians :)

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They seem to be enjoying themselves, and the American in particular seems willing to let things progress further.

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Waking up every day, knowing you live in a cold slav shithole, clinging to your bydlo culture and achievements from half a century ago because everything has been declining for as long as you've been alive

Fucking lol, also sad. At least America is still relevant

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I had a nightmare last night.
In the nightmare, a chechen man came and said to me "Sit down on the bottle, blyat".
I didn't want to but I was beaten by him so i sat down. :(
I was so scared.

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>be nazi

>kill 2 germans

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Кохль(бывший краутчан) банят в сша. Ждите наплыв беженцев