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Vladimir Putin is a disabled autistic manlet. Exports centered around a simpler oil and gas model (Vladimir Barely knew the basics of the economy), and propaganda invented with couple fun and skillful masquerade operations or rusbotting. It wouldn't have been popular without the presence of him, he would hardly have been popular with a number of qualified KGB agents who were shooting opposition politicians. Drinking after drinking, Putin's only way of dealing with it was to circumvent the Ukrainian joke of excessive fascism, because he couldn't just admit he had problems with his state. After all, the only merit of this largest Russian leader is probably how many economic sanctions he could get with the west.

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what do dvacz anons think about jews? are you anti-semite?

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Russian/Ukrainian anons living in Germany, you are welcome in this thread! How did you move to Germany and what are you currently doing there(working, studying etc).

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how to not be gay
1. have sexual intercourses with woman
2. congratulation you are straight

thank you for your attention

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Tell us about your gf, anon.

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Hello Russians! Where is the best city in Russia to buy a wife?


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What is your opinion on Finland?

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hi, female from Brazil (not a trap)

Ask me anything

I can post in Russian because my boyfriend can write for me

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I am curious about Russian and Soviet cinema and wo

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How do I find lyrics for Russian songs?

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Poland is a weak pidor. It can exist only as part of Russia.

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I'm looking for a webm of Putin playing piano.
Something like this but he's playing soviet march and after a while there are tanks, missiles etc.

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whos more epic kino or ddt

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i tried chifir
good stuff
i dont know which german flag linked a tutorial to make it but i'll thanks him