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How do you pronounce the name "Bogdanov"?

My great-grandfather was born in Russia, and his surname was Bogdanov, and I don't even know how to pronounce it...

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tss... hehem... come here orthodox child... let me show you my latin empire

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do you think that toxicity in cis is more higher appearance than in europe/us? i think not cause the us is same toxic shit like cis. only europe is heaven. change my mind

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Enable manual breathing right now
thank you for your attention

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Where do I sign up for a job as a paid Russian troll?

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this pLace is krautchan since all, the notable krautchanners left

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Why Czechs are the most sucessfull slavs?

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Do you have an opinion on socks with sandals?

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I love north korean men.

Why are they so good looking ?

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Can someone advise, what the fuck is a kremlin? What were they built for historically? Was it like the great wall of china, to keep out intruders? Were these kremlins built around entire towns like a box or just by the government areas?

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Where should the capital of the Ba'athist state be?

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What do you guys think.Are we honorary Slavs?

>Inb4 lel Gypo

They are only 5-8% of the population.