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Why are Russians so hateful and dumb?

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i hate this faggot so much i can kill him if it's possible. I mean, this bitch not even russian to talk about russia the way he does
sorry for grammar shit

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Bought Russian keycaps for my keyboard.

Step 1 to shaking Putin's hand: Complete

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chines fly to new york and buy clothes made in china to bring them back home

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>which wm or de you use?


>text editor



>video player/ image viewer

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I fucking hate you ruskies

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In general, I started studying the language and culture of Poland, I like everything, especially the fact that Poles are not cuckS, like the rest of the European Union of Socialist Republics. But I am confused by the mad, absolute Ressentiment towards Russians.
Even the full version of their hymn consists of: "la la la, the Russians suck, the Germans suck, we're Poles, Napoleon is a cool dude, give back our lands bitches."
Why should I be guilty that our countries have been shitting each other for a long time, but mine was able to shit better in the end. I wonder if at one moment one of the attempts to capture Russia succeeded, then we would now also hate Poland? But now it doesn't exist, only some rare jokes of degenerates that Poland is a weak country in every respect and a dump in Europe (I don't know where these memes came from and where they are built), I think Poland is based.
I'm not even talking about the Soviet Union, because it's stupid to blame people in situations where they were also hostages. The serfdom is the same.
I see that with a large influx of your new "European" brothers Ukrainians, the hatred towards the Russians has significantly decreased and switched to khokhl, but still this relationship is not warm.
Ideal would be a world where the USSR did not happen and Poland would now be our Western satellite state, working for export in two directions and receiving Russian resources at a reduced price.

What do you think?

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Russian Muslims are the most devout Muslims in the world. Arabs and Niggers never read the Quran and do not know that it is not written there that drinking alcohol is a sin. Allahu Akbar, anon, Allahu Akbar.

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why do so many young russian girls give their bodies up to soulless chinese?

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pootin savior of the (((White))) Race

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Im doing a presentation on these soviet apartment complexes, "Hrushovka"s (Хрущёвка). I already know the basics about these buildings, their history, their construction, etc.

Tell me some interesting facts about them. Do you live in one? How is it? Post some pics of your building, or don't. Did they build Hrushovka's in China? Any information is appreciated.

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Saw an article 'Hate group' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hate_group), concept american media use as umbrella as they want now - before 'default country' election. Tried to make it a bit less biased. First of all, to remove from there the only represented in article /right's/ symbols, as only nazis and white priveledged stuff ((you see, in mobile the whole display is Hate group - hazi & confederates flags)), because hate hasn't got the faces or symbols but people who acuire it have faces and symbols hatred is not white priveledge. Were undid with note 'Hate has faces and symbols, only phony memes states it havent''. Then tried to make faces of hatred more diverse and inclusive, like add black separatists, islam radicals ((for note, even political bitchy SPLC define them as 'hate groups')) and proper FBI quotations - were undid and recommended to stop. Made my research, similar attempts at this paper were undid from 2017 and maybe even before. My edits are pick-related.

As I see you americans or english native speakers believe hate have only one face, the face of white guys, girls and non-binary from right? Cool.

Made talks here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Discrimination#Re-make_'Hate_group'_article_and_check_it_on_bias) and here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Hate_group#Misinformation_in_flags_in_symbols/shows_only_selected_forms_of_hate.) and a small flashmob to admins and all related talks but were rapidly cencored, maybe 2ch bros and sis are more experts in wiki, or reddit or whatever this might material interested for. #WikipediaNotPoliticalInstrument