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Was Okna a scripted TV show or not? To this day, I still don't know this.


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Is there truth to the phrase "scratch a Russian and underneath you will find a jew"?

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Okay so the story is that Pavel Durov is gay. He met with a popular Russian woman who wanted to know him and maybe benis in bagina but he arrived with his big burly black bodyguard and the girl was like wtf y they be so close to each other? Mr Durov was like im not really intrested in you gurl and left and she was like he must be gay cuz no red bloddied man will refuse this beauty.

So yes. She also popular woman in Russia mostly for her strange inreactions with poweful men and many scandals. No idea why he'd refuse her. mus be gay.

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Are you prepared for the Corona plague?

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Здравствуйте, мои друзья.
I am a filthy American learning Russian in Uni. My Russian instructor is a 25 year old Estonian with whom I am deeply in love. She, for whatever reason, is studying Russian film for her post-grad. What films would impress her with my having knowledge of? What are good Russian movies?
Many thanks

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dugin spitting out the facts as usual

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Hey khohols, I heard you will be drafted in ukrainian army already at age 18. that's great news.


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what are some good russian books?
i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" and "crime and punishment" and i liked it but it felt like i'm missing a lot becasue i don't know russian history very well((((
what's a good starting point into russian literature? should i try tolstoy?

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I am an american and i have been nearly everywhere around the world except russia. Is it actually a shithole there?

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Finland thread? Finland thread! My first time on this board lol. So I was wondering what do Russians think of Finland? Finnish people always wonder what foreign people think of them and Finland.

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Does anyone from foreign friends know foreign memes ?Without politics and hate speech

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Do you have any information about the Allatra cult?
They showed up in some youtube vids of flat earthers (lol), and some gullible locals are considering reptilians a real thing. Hillarious.

From what I gathered, it is a con, from Russia (or Ukraine?), using After Effects reptile eyes to make idiots fall into a daily crystal pyramid session scam. Most of their acolytes look retarded but some have a military/bratva build. Because they look russian I am asking here, from all places. Their LLC just pointed to same old shit about tax reduction because it is a religion, and the pyramid/ Saturn/ Satan cosplay, but no real leads.

My country is being invaded by niggers so another invasion would be very tiresome, so any info, leads, etc, about this group will be very helpful.

It is for a homework.

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Dear Russian friends, I am curious about the practice of referring to Russians by name. Suppose we have a man called Sergei Ivanovich. In what contexts would he be called Sergei, and in what contexts would he be called Sergei Ivanovich? Is the latter more formal or polite? Or used when you want to refer to his parentage contextually?

Thank you in advance for your detailed responses.

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Russia should destroy Grozny again and deport all of the Chechens to Siberia

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Меня задолбали эта эмоция ,давайте устроим геноцид жёлтого