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In nature kum in prokurature.

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Is this the place to post vatnik propaganda?

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Hey not ossie m8, if there are winter in your faraway lands are you wearing a beanie now?

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Sucky murrica are the literal scum of the fucking earth. They literally wipe their ass with their own fucking hands and worship an "actual democratic values". You're going to tell me this is the country of peace when they commit almost all the terror acts and stone their own followers? Actually absurd. And better yet is how FUCKED the US has become where if you even mention anything negative about sucky murrica and it's fucking gorilla followers your life is fucking over. Women praise sucky murrica here yet they don't fucking realize that they are literally PROPERTY in this non-country. They cannot leave the house because too fat to fit in door, cannot drive coz ass wont fit in driver's seat, and if they show tits they get fucking stoned. They disobey the negro, they get stoned. Sucky murricans are fucking subhuman and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why they live in the fucking stone age. I've deployed to both Sukcy murrica and Gaynada and have seen first hand how fucking shit this culture is. Why does the west love them so much? Like what the fuck, how brain dead do you have to be to support sucky murrica in any fucking capacity. They literally sell burgers. BLM at the absolute state of America. Fuck this place get me the fuck out.

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Im learning Russian.
I'd like to listen to Russian while I watch pretty women.
Clothing optional

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What do you, dear russian frogs, think about pepe? In Poland, this meme has been highly absorped by underage semi-edgy kids from Facebook groups therefore it's not that well potrayed like in the other countires. I wonder what you guys think.

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what are some good russian books?
i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" and "crime and punishment" and i liked it but it felt like i'm missing a lot becasue i don't know russian history very well((((
what's a good starting point into russian literature? should i try tolstoy?

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Int today at it's suckiest.

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guys do you like buckwheat?

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For latin alphabet users (majority of european countries) cyrillic symbols probably converge to chinese hieroglyphs, so vote for the most disturbing letter among attached pics!
These 3 are especially dangerous for soft-skinned finnish jogurtti producers and french frogs' pussies, so look at cyrillic letters carefully, through your fingers - if you don't want them to visit you in your dreaming period from subconsciousness, bcoz after that your psyche will most likely become fucked up, our international cultural friends!

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Hi /int, please say your opinion:

what's the most politically incorrect movement or philosophy of all?

The poll is available here: https://twitter.com/eurochandotorg/status/1287723122448359424

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I would like to ask the advanced international community: have scientists proved that niggers are humans?

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Lithuania ЛитвА траед: pergalė edition.
OP will pay 0.0032lTc for top 3 vocaroo.com or clyp.it pronounciations of subject word (pergalė).

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Would you like to be my bf, anon? I will do everything if you agree to take me to you

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What is it: it doesn't buzz, it doesn't fly, and it doesn't get in your ass?

Soviet flying buzzer for ass.