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Finland thread? Finland thread! My first time on this board lol. So I was wondering what do Russians think of Finland? Finnish people always wonder what foreign people think of them and Finland.

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Does anyone from foreign friends know foreign memes ?Without politics and hate speech

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Do you have any information about the Allatra cult?
They showed up in some youtube vids of flat earthers (lol), and some gullible locals are considering reptilians a real thing. Hillarious.

From what I gathered, it is a con, from Russia (or Ukraine?), using After Effects reptile eyes to make idiots fall into a daily crystal pyramid session scam. Most of their acolytes look retarded but some have a military/bratva build. Because they look russian I am asking here, from all places. Their LLC just pointed to same old shit about tax reduction because it is a religion, and the pyramid/ Saturn/ Satan cosplay, but no real leads.

My country is being invaded by niggers so another invasion would be very tiresome, so any info, leads, etc, about this group will be very helpful.

It is for a homework.

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Dear Russian friends, I am curious about the practice of referring to Russians by name. Suppose we have a man called Sergei Ivanovich. In what contexts would he be called Sergei, and in what contexts would he be called Sergei Ivanovich? Is the latter more formal or polite? Or used when you want to refer to his parentage contextually?

Thank you in advance for your detailed responses.

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Russia should destroy Grozny again and deport all of the Chechens to Siberia

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Меня задолбали эта эмоция ,давайте устроим геноцид жёлтого

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rate my russian anons
i was going to travel to Russia to find a rus gf but now im not sure if my russian is good enough
any feedback welcome

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All names that end in -enko are Ukrainian in origin. The best fox waifu is a "lowly khohol" and probably hates Russia. How does this make Russkies feel?

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Is this board entirely dead?

stop being so racist against other countries you russian nazi trolls

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В октябре 2019 года на границе Польши и Беларуси был остановлен грузовик, в котором из Италии в Дагестан перевозили десять тигров. Животные были в очень тяжелом состоянии, один тигр вскоре умер. Отправители и получатели говорят, что звери были посланы в Россию в подарок. Би-би-си поговорила с женщиной, которая ждала тигров в Дагестане; по документам, помимо содержания зоопарка "Сказка", который и должен был принять животных, она занимается ресторанным бизнесом и продажей зверей. "Сказка", впрочем, как выяснилось, тоже закрыта.

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Welcome to the Australian consulate of /int/, how may I help you today?

If you are looking for condoms, we used them all, sorry.

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Hello I want to go on the trans siberian express because I love trains due to my autism. How difficult would it be to get a visa and book tickets (I have no criminal record), and what level of the russian language would I have topossess in order to comfortably buy food and stuff?
Also what type of trains do you like?

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Friend of mine was in kazakhstan. He said he wasted his time cuz everything looks same like in europe. Their was nothing kazakhi anymore.

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Heres a nice board for all the northern europeans but other countries are of course also welcome. Dont mind to check out.

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Moscow is a fucking shithole.

The people living there should be humanely deported to Rostov on Don and Krasnodar for their own safety.

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ⱀⱆ ⰱⰾⱝⱅⱐ, ⱃⰵⰱⱝⱅⰰ, ⱅⱃⰵⰴⰰ ⱂⱁ ⰳⰾⰰⰳⱁⰾⰹⱏⱌⰵ ⱀⰵⱅ

ⰴⰰⰲⰰⰺⱅⰵ ⱄⱁⰸⰴⰰⰿ

ⱄⰽⰰⰶⰹⱅⰵ ⱂⱁⰶⰰⰾⱆⰺⱄⱅⰰ ⱍⱅⱁ-ⱅⱁ ⰹⱀⱅⰵⱃⰵⱄⱀⱁⰵ