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Have you ever encountered the """"increased female empathy and care for others""""?

If anything women most of all have been canibalistic sociopaths in every sphere of life, virtue signaling at most.

Who even propagates this "women are more caring and empathetic" message?

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How I can get Russian throne?

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What do you think of the Ukrainian people as a whole?

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Kys churko-mongol hordes and free 100 percent aryan crimea and kalingrad fron the neo-mongol empire of pidorashka led by putinmonkey

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Where did all the KC niggers go?

Is a Krautchan replacement up again?

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В данный пост необходимо отправлять все фотографии Ваших бывших/ настоящих и будующих друзей/знакомых/уебков которые к Вам доебались в ВК, Вас бросили в отношениях/на деньги, чтобы все знали правду о человеке.

Если девушка Вам изменила - пруфайте эту шкуру
Если Вы развели девушку на интим - пруфайте эту шкуру
Если Кто-то начинает Вам угрожать - пруфайте.

Цель проста : Создание единой International Blockchain System v 1.0 для поддержания интернационального порядка.

It is necessary to send to this post all the photos of your former / present and future friends / acquaintances / faggots who got to you in VK/facebook/instagram/telegram, you were thrown into a relationship / for money so that everyone would know the truth about the person.

If a girl cheated on you - proof this skin
If girl have you for sex - proof this skin
If Someone begins to threaten you - proof .

The goal is simple: Create a single International Blockchain System v 1.0 to maintain international order.

Только по обычным людям без селебрити

в дальнейшем возможна реализация через ноды с поддержкой криптовалюты TOR COIN .
in the future, it is possible to implement through nodes with support for the TOR COIN cryptocurrency.

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How pleasant it is to live in a free country (the last one left), where the influence of the LGBT Nazis is limited.

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i really want agressive war with USA

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1. What is the name of the girl on the left. I wanna jack it to her
2. Redpill me on this Lavkovsky guy. My mom watches his podcasts religously

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This is Михаил Герес, a polish conspiracy theorist. He lives in Dublin so that the polish government can't seize him and works as a DHL delivery guy. What do you think about him?