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South Asia is rightful Russian clay

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Кароч, у меня есть друг из Японии. Ща попробую попросить его написать в этот тред что нибудь, ну ка...

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Вы здесь тупо гугл переводчиком выебываетесь или что? По содержанию тредов видно, что это типичные посетители местного /б

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Сачк май баллс ниггерс ай фак ю лик май дичк сачк май биг блэк кочк ёр мум гай фачк ю мозерфучкерс

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Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips?

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How much money per month do you need to live a comfy middle class life in Russia?

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How to get into russia if you're an american?

It has always been my dream for the past month to live in russia. How can I make it there? What jobs are there for americans with no skills?

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how to i stop self loathing

2ch called me ugly =.(

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Is russian really that hard to learn?

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So this is what so called "western values" are all about

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How could merrican buy sneakers for 13 million rubles only difference is it is unrealeased and with negros's autograph on it. It is also womens shoes))

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hello my Russian neighbors from the eastern border, lately I've been looking much into Russian culture and music and I find it very interesting and unique, but I was wondering, what do Russians think about Poles and what imagination of Poland do you have exactly?

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I love Tesak, my country need him.

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I'm trying to find a webm/mp4 I found on 2ch/b/ one time but forgot to save. It was a russian DOTA 2 video of players wasting their ultimates on creeps while the song "Stereo Love" was playing in the background.

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Why are Democrats always asking for small and quick favors?