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I will never experience being beautiful...

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Why do so many of you keep coming to 420chan? Is this where you guys are coming from? I can't read your moonrunes so I have no fucking clue if this is the right board to be asking this. But yeah. Why do you guys keep shitposting on 420chan? How did you even find us? Is Putin paying you guys to do this? Why do you guys hate America so much?

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I am looking for volunteers to protect stores from looting, I myself am from Russia but live in North Carolina.

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I was going to write the book and sell it, but i dont want to get shit for it and get career ruined for it, its to real so here it goes. Its free. I would post it on /pol/ but banned.

The Black Lives Matter Deception: A Brief Analysis On How The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Harvesting The New American Socialist Identity

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Tell me dvach's int, who is it to be living a life of black american negro?

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Mi presidente Alejandro Lukachet.

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В течении ближайших 50-70 лет русский станет главным языком международного общения. Если вы хотите добиться успеха в этой жизни, то учите его.

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Ich würde gern andere Boards als russische besuchen. In der Schule habe ich Deutsch als Fremdsprache gelernt. Leider finde ich im internet keine Foren, Boards oder änlisches auf deutsch. Gibt es in deutschland überhaupt Meinungsfreiheit?

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Ponaduseroviy Kaklosvaynie karasi otzovites!

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Франкофоны, отзовитесь.
Хочу на франкоязычную борду вкатиться, или на англоязычную по Франции. Акримония оказывается мертвая нахуй, 1 пост в два дня, блжад.

Je peux parler français, mais j'ai besoin d'un peu de pratique.

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Anyone that living in Germany, I need your help, I'm in love with your country,people,and food, please send me some secret files of german government that can ruin your country, I just want to save these files from a bad people from my country. Also you can send me the geolocation of german politics and people from a goverment.

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Is shit going down? Danny Masterston, Ron Jeremy, whos the next rapist jew to go down?

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Why isn't this a separate country?

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Zemfira I love her
tell me about her. What do russians think about her? what do they think of people who listen to her?