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are you ready to defend EVROPA?

25 Кб, 634x703
i had decided to oppose limonov from now on. NBP WITHOUT LIMONOV!!!!

192 Кб, 630x374
amateur gamedev general on shit containment board /vg/ overrun with gacha, envying that you have a gamedev board.

1014 Кб, 962x707
long live Limonov
Long live NBP

1,1 Мб, 1837x1280

39 yo incel attacked the main building of the KGB on Lubyanka and 40 minutes alone fired at the Lubyanka, the center of Moscow. Putin was also somewhere in that area and on December 19 they had a working holiday (KGB and FSB)

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why int does not fucking suck and is so awesome and great and fantastic today ?

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my message to my fellow white brothers in russia

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I just farted loudly.
addditional info: none

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What’s the Russian perspective of the whole “Russian mail-order bride” industry? Is it still a thing even, or is it all scams now?

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Why do most Russians hate Gorbachev?

After all, he gave you guys Pizza Hut!

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stop using rage comics and wojak it's almost 2020

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Hi, I asked for a GOOD Russian music thread, many months ago.
It had so much good shit, I saved a lot of it, but I bet even more has been lost since I lost the thread.

If you happen to see this thread, please contact this OP at: this thread.

Thank you.
thank you.

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What are your favorite YouTube channels? Preferably not the Rusky ones, but they are accepted nevertheless.