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Russian brothers, I am a white from Central Europe, looking to get a scholarship Inostranets 715344 В конец треда | Веб
Russian brothers,

I am a white from Central Europe, looking to get a scholarship to study in Russia (which your governament graciously offers).

Which are the most sought after Bachelor/Specialty programs for a software engineer / programmer in Russia?

I see there are many variations of pretty much the same stuff. For example:

- Software Engineering and Information Systems Management
- Fundamental Informatics and IT
- Mathematics and Computer Science
- Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

What is the actual difference between these programs and which is the most valued by employers.

Also, I've been trying to find a website about EGE and university admission statistics (to see which universities have the highest EGE cutoffs), but to no avail. Does such a thing exist?

Which universities do you recommend? As far as I can undestand, the big 4 universities (the best - although I know there is much more to it than the ranking) are Lomonosov in Moscow, SPB State, Tomsk State and Novosibirsk State. I saw the thread about the best IT universities, but it only mentions the ones from Moscow and SPB, no Siberian.
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>>5344 (OP)
go for applied math & cs, its the hardest one so the number of brainlets you will meet will be much less
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>>5344 (OP)
The tables show the top-10 universities according to average level of EGE (maximum 100 points) of first-year students in 2019 (only Russian citizens). The first table shows state budget funded admission, the second one shows commercial admission.
"Ср. балл ЕГЭ" means average EGE
"Зачислено на бюджет" - how many freshmen admitted for state-funded places
"Зачислено на платные места" - how many commercial freshmen.

The third table shows preliminary (27.08.2019) faculty choice of the diplomants of the All-Russian School Olympiad in Informatics (from here

The most sought after IT faculties are (imho)

Higher School of Economics (ВШЭ), Faculty of Computer Science
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (МФТИ)
St.Petersburg State University (СПбГУ), the programs "Modern Programming" and "Mathematics, algorithms and data analysis"
Higher School of Economics, St.Petersburg branch, "Applied mathematics and computer science"
ITMO (ИТМО) university in St.Petersburg, "Applied mathematics and computer science"
The Innopolis university, located not far from Kazan, which has no state-funded places.
Moscow State University (МГУ), Faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics
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>>5344 (OP)
Тарас, чей крым?
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>>5344 (OP)
Hi there.
Maybe will sum up some info or at least drop a line tomorrow.
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Тебе уже в /pr ответели вроде все как для утиста с картиночками расписали, дебик, заебал спамить
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>>5344 (OP)
Well, taking bluntly, there are 2 ways in acquiring quite useful IT education. First – apply to some "Software Engineering" and the second is to apply "(Applied) Mathematics and Programming". It is considered that in the second one you will have a lot of hours of algorythms and maths. In fact is useful only for about 5% of modern IT positions.
So, it seems you should take the first way, right? The issue is that nobody will teach you engineering practices properly, you can get it only at work or at least working it on real projects. The best you can get is the very-very vague basics. But yep, there should be quite less maths and more "general" IT-related and compsci-related stuff. However, I recommend you Software Engineering in case you have quite strong allergies to maths and algos. You shouldn't torture yourself. And in case you are interested in maths journey – take "Applied maths and programming", languages and engineering practices themselves are easy to learn in case you aren't dumb as fuck.

Further sources and links:
1. Examine data on BSci of Faculty of Computer Science in Higher School of economics. You can compare educational plans of department of "Software engineering" and "Applied maths and informatics".
2. Other good depts are: ИУ МГТУ, ВМК МГУ, ФИВТ МФТИ, IT department of МИСиС.
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I have not forgotten about you. Thanks.

I am quite surprised at the fact that MГУ isn't no.1 by EGE.
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Here is an approximate rating of Moscow universities in the field of "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science":
1. HSE
3. Moscow State University
4. Bauman Moscow State University
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>IT department of МИСиС

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du u nou that misis has internships with MIT?
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чел, ты же специально так уебищно пишешь, да?
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Самый забавный бототред, спасибо.
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А чо тебе мисос не нраица? Стипа большая, пары можно проёбывать как миэте, маёвнике и подобных шарагах
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>пары можно проёбывать

В том то и дело, что нет.
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Да ну нахуй, серьёзно? Просто очень наслышан, что это довольно шаражное заведение и там можно так же чиллить и параллельно работать/просто хуйцы пинать
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>Да ну нахуй, серьёзно?

Ну вообще смотря куда поступить.
Самое нормальное направление (относительно) это прикладная математика, но там первые 2 года тебя отмечают на каждой паре и за проебы могут выселить из общаги. Начиная с 3 курса отмечать перестают. Стипа большая только у олимпиадников и только на 1 курсе.
На других направлениях - ИВТ, ПИ, и.т.д. вроде как не отмечают вообще ни на каких курсах, но это не точно.

А про хуйцы пинать и чиллить это да, можно.
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